Venetian and blackout blinds

A huge range to suit every space and budget.

Our premium venetians come in any paint or stain colour as well as natural walnut and oak. Our value range comes in a choice of 10 colours, 10 wood finishes and 10 stains. Plus blackout blinds, to complement our shutters for total darkness and a restful nights sleep.

Perfect installation and we love the transformation your shutters have made to our living room. It's really quite spectacular.

Providing the ultimate in light blockage.

Our honeycomb blackout blinds are perfect layered behind shutters to ensure a restful nights sleep.

Blackout blinds also provide extra window insulation fabric features, with energy saving properties to reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

You’ll enjoy enhanced privacy with top down and bottom up options. Great for bedrooms, media rooms or wherever light blockage is desired.

Cell sizes available – 25mm and 45mm.
Wide choice of colours – please ask.
Delivery – made to order and are ready to install in approximately three to four weeks.