Shutter styles

Flexible functionality and ideas for your space

Once you have chosen your shutter design, you can decide how you'd like them to be styled. Choose the Cafe style (allows maximum light with privacy, perfect for street level windows), full height for a stunning effect or tier on tier, which allows choices on light and privacy top and bottom.

It was an absolute pleasure working with your team and we couldn't be happier with the shutters. They are beautiful.

Wonderful for lifting the perceived room height.

The beauty of full height as a shutter style is that the panels span the whole of the window or door space and add an illusion of greater room height.

Full height shutters will cover the whole window or door. If the opening is higher than 1900mm the shutter panel may require a mid rail for structural support. This mid rail means that each section of blades can be opened individually, however, they can be joined with the tilt rod. If no mid rail is required we can split the tilt-rod or mechanism to enable sections of blades to be opened separately at no extra cost.